Why Custom Knitwear is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Well, it’s almost that time of year when we start scratching our head and racking our brains for The Perfect Holiday Gift! Yikes! Has it hit you yet? If not….be warned….like post holiday credit card bills, it’s coming!

But guess what? BamBams has the PERFECT solution! Yes, “perfect” is a big word and we wouldn’t say it if we didn’t believe it! Here it is…four words and a symbol – Custom Knit Scarf & Beanie

Here are 10 Reasons Why custom knitwear is going to take the “Bah Humbug” out of your holiday season:

  1. One-size-fits all
  2. Unisex
  3. Easy to mail
  4. Customized colors, logos, images
  5. Branding that lasts well beyond the holiday season (we’ll talk about this in a minute)
  6. Good price point
  7. Custom gifts show you care
  8. Low MOQ
  9. Great fashion accessory
  10. Provides warmth and comfort

Today budgets are tighter and stretched farther than ever, which brings us back to number five. Wearable accessories that provide warmth, comfort, shielding from the elements, and a touch of color to the drab days of winter will be used for months to come.

They are easy to toss in a car, purse, gym bag, suitcase, backpack – you name it! And you know what? Even if, by some slim chance, the scarf or beanie doesn’t get worn – it will still be seen.

And you know what else they are going to see? Your logo/mascot/company name (and when they are worn everyone else is going to see your logo/mascot/company name!).

BamBams hopes our 10 Reasons Why list takes a bit of the stress out of your holiday “to-do” list, and our AE’s (Account Elves) are here to help!

Happy Holidays from our BAMily to yours!