The Golden Rule

Treat others as you want to be treated. Eight words. Indefinite returns.

Who didn’t grow up hearing and knowing this important rule? Who, honestly, still practices this every day? Who doesn’t believe this might be more important today than ever?

For those of you raising your hand to any or all of the above, congratulations on recognizing and acknowledging the importance of the Golden Rule.

Think about it, the Golden Rule might be what is setting you and your business apart from the rest. In a perfect world, here is what we’d all be doing 24/7 (but the world isn’t perfect so maybe we try for our own little corner of the world – wherever that may be to you):

  • Being patient when a customer changes their mind/edits their design ever so slightly/renegotiates a deal over a few cents.
  • Being compassionate when a sale can’t be made because of budget cuts.
  • Being genuinely appreciative for a sale, referral, kind word, or gesture.
  • Being grateful to your employer and co-workers that help you make it through the day – much less make it through the pandemic.
  • Being honest and setting realistic expectations for yourself, your team, and your customer.

As this year comes to a close and a new year quickly approaches, can we all try to not only remember the Golden Rule, but maybe apply it too? If so, maybe, just maybe, you might start to reap those indefinite rewards in your work and personal life.

Happy New Year from our BAMily to yours.