#Skucon2017 – A Recap

#Skucon2017 – A Recap

Well, it’s 6:05 on Sunday the 8th in Las Vegas and I’m sitting on the sofa in my hotel room thinking about our day. We went to #skucon2017 hosted by Commonsku. It. Was. Awesome. Packed with great speakers, great panelists, great distributors, and great suppliers. If you can’t tell, our word of the day is ‘great.’

I met some awesome people, heard funny stories, and inspiring ideas. I had a live feed on my twitter account of things that were going on, you can check that here. That being said, in this post, I am going to keep it short and simple and share my favorite tidbits from the day.

The first part was our “homework.” I don’t know how many of y’all did this, but I am going to go ahead and post mine right here. We were asked to do four things: 1. Connect with our tribe, 2. Connect with people outside of our tribe, 3. Write down 3 ideas that scare us, and 4. Commit to doing one scary thing by Q2 of this year.

  1. Connect with our tribe. Check, I came, I saw, I connected. Met some really fun and smart people. Tribes were selected by the patches you chose when you walked into the conference. Check mine out: IMG_2759
  2. Connect with people outside of my tribe. I think I failed here as I don’t remember having a conversation with anyone that was wearing an “Operations” Patch. I aim to do this at the dinner tonight.
  3.  Write down 3 ideas that scare us:IMG_2758
  4. Commit to doing one scary thing by Q4: I have committed to creating a new blog focussed on our distributors to help them with their online lead generation, so stay tuned. I was scared I would be too busy for this, but there is no rest for the grinders.

Okay, so now that I have got all of my homework out of the way, here are my favorite remarks from today’s presentations.

Saul Colt:

Laugh, Think, Cry. It’s Saul’s strategy and I love it. In short, he said there are no original ideas, but to take ideas that are already out there and enhance them with your own creativity; make people laugh, then make them think, then make them cry. They will never forget you.

“If you can’t or don’t feel like competing on other people’s terms, just change the rules…” – This really spoke to me. I am all about market disruption and breaking the rules. Just ask my Dad, Dan Taylor – he started this company years ago and has to deal with me for the last 33 years…poor guy.

Other key takeaways from Saul’s talk: “Force people to ask questions, Make them scratch their heads, Try 100 things, Its okay if no one shows up.” – you can check my twitter feed for more details.

Ted Church from Anthem Branding:

Ted talked a lot about curating experiences, and I fell in love with a lot of the work his brand did as I scoured the internet listening to him talk. Seriously, if you are not involved with Anthem, get involved. Ted’s leadership and vision has obviously made a big impact on his community.

Key takeaways from Ted’s talk:

  • Everything You Do Tells a Story
  • Every Brand Can Become a Lifestyle Brand
  • Higher price point items, higher margins – focus on creating a lifestyle brand
  • If you put it on a table and doesn’t tell an authentic story it doesn’t do the brand service.

I spent the next couple of hours in 2 workshops. One was Saul Colt’s which was filled with laughter, witty comments and Saul reiterating his brilliance, if you need an example of that, check his twitter feed.

Key takeaways from Saul’s workshop:

  • People are inherently selfish. Make people feel like you’re for them.

  • Who are your buyers? Know your first 100 buyers by name.

After Saul’s workshop, I went and sat in on Kirby Hasseman and Bill Petrie’s session, “Podcasting to Grow Your Brand and Business.” It was hilarious. Those two have more chemistry than two twenty-somethings on a third date after drinking 2 bottles of wine. No joke. I won’t be including key takeaways, I will be writing a blog about this in the next couple of days so stay tuned.

The final speaker of the night was Jamie Naughton from Zappos. Wow, did I get a lot of out this talk. Like the last one, I won’t be including this in my recap because there is just way too much to stay. This will be another post that comes in the next couple of days. Once again stay tuned.

A big shout out to Mark and Catherine Graham and their entire team at Commonsku. Today was great!