Rebranding BamBams: How? Why? A Guide To Our Process

Rebranding BamBams: How? Why? A Guide To Our Process

Like any business, we spend a lot of time thinking about how our brand is perceived by our industry. This is not just a yearly thought before we enter the show season, it is something that is always on our minds. Going into 2017, we knew there were changes to be made. With those changes, we knew we had to make a stand. A statement that would show who BamBams truly is. We started by asking these questions:

  • How are we perceived in the marketplace by our current customers, those that see us in passing, new leads coming in, and the distributors who we aren’t currently working with?
  • What are the real and perceived differences between our company and our competitors? How do those differences affect our lead generation efforts?
  • How can we advance positive impressions of BamBams while changing our perceived identity in our industry?

Usually, when we find perceptions that we’re not happy with, we fall back on strategic marketing tactics to influence our position. Using content marketing initiatives like blogging, social media, video, and SEO to overcome how we’re perceived.

The problem is, these are all essential functions that continually need to be tweaked and optimized on a monthly basis. We can’t always rely on them to help us alter our current marketplace identity.

When a brand finds themselves in this position, they tend to opt for a more strategic change. Often launching a rebrand to help positively position themselves within their industry. An effective rebrand is not simple. There is a lot of research, careful thought, time and money that gets invested into the process.

That being said, you can simplify how you think about approaching a rebranding by breaking everything down into two components; aesthetic or analytical. In other words, let’s look at the art of our brand and the science in our data.

Now before you decide that it is time to rebrand your business, do some soul searching. Remember that most people just think you change your logo and that’s your rebrand. Smart marketers do their due diligence.  Well before they ever engage the graphic design department about a potential rebrand. What follows is the most important aspect of what you set out to do.

Start by doing research on your company, your product offerings, and market positions before you decide to move forward. More importantly, ask yourself the following questions:

What is the perception of our company?

  • More often than not, we were being perceived as a one product company; or a company that only does sports marketing promos and game day giveaways. We wanted to ensure that our brand was filled with vitality, and trust, as well as potency, and steadiness in the years to come. As we always say, “We’re more than just BamBams.”

Does that perception of our company need to change?

  • It most certainly does. As of January 2017, we have over 1500 active products in our line. We have built a company with a foundation of being customer first focused, with a strong product line. That being said, one of our core strengths is product sourcing. This is also where we can outshine the rest of the market. Solely based on the way we operate. We’re unique in that aspect.

If so, how should it change?

  • We change our perception through a strategic marketing plan, developed relationships, and our original core customer focus of sticking to our word, never over-promising, and always delivering to the best of our abilities. I could go on for hours about strategic marketing. If you want to discuss that, you can contact me here.

Do we need to clarify our offering?

  • Without a doubt we did. As answered in the first question we always ask ourselves, “What is the perception of our company?” People view us as a sports marketing, game day giveaway company. We’re a lot more than that.

What value add do our products and services bring to our customers?=

  • For BamBams, this answer could go on indefinitely; but really it’s more about our services than it is our 1500+ different products.  We are nimble. We are sourcing experts, with completely owned and operated offices in China that allow us to produce smart and accurate products that our customer base requires. Not to mention, our manufacturing facilities that allow us to produce custom products better than anyone else in the industry.  We have maintained a position of reliability, honesty, and a customer focused brand that delivers on their word. 

How much “equity” do we have in our current branding?

  • When it comes to equity in our old branding, which was our current branding until December 31st, 2016, we had a lot. From a visual brand identity perspective, and a perceived vision of who BamBams is. Since 2005 we have held a strong position as a company who grows on an expanded product line and a strong customer service offering. But in reality, we have been much more than that for a long time.

Yes, this list of questions may seem exhaustive, but, it helps to get you thinking about your products, customers, and your real perceived brand identity. More important that that, it helps you understand how all they interconnect. So stop. Think about how you’re perceived. It’s not just about your logo, your colors, and your typefaces. It’s about who you are, what you offer, and most importantly, what you actually deliver on regularly.