Re-purpose to be Purposeful

Necessity is the Mother of Invention and in today’s world, it’s more evident than ever. You’d be hard pressed to go through the day and not read about a company offering services and/or items outside of their wheelhouse.

BamBams isn’t much different. We, too, have had to think out of the box and take a look at our “go-to” items for re-purposing and a new spin.

Here are some of the “everyday items” that, in today’s culture of safety and protection, can serve an additional purpose – as well as be customized for branding and recognition.

  • Bandanas: While these are the “go-to” for just about any Western-themed event, today they can double as a face covering….easy to wear around your neck and pull it up around your mouth for added protection when you are out and about.
  • Arm/Team Sleeves: Perfect to show your support and spirit for your favorite team! Today, team sleeves can be pulled down over your hand to add an extra layer of protection when opening doors throughout your day.
  • Lanyards: We have worn them for years at events, work, and meetings to show/hold our ID badge for security and recognition purposes. Today, that same lanyard can hold your mask – no more fishing around your purse or pockets to find your mask because now it’s hanging around your neck ready to go.
  • Bammies (aka Gaiters, Buffs): BamBams has added many new choices to our BAMily (Bammies w/ ear loops, cooling features, jersey mesh, antimicrobial, 2 ply – to name a few). The great thing about Bammies is that they have always been multi-purpose; serving as a headband, ponytail holder, scarf, head-covering, and rally towel. Today they still are multi-purpose, but like a bandana, they can easily be pulled up to cover your nose and mouth protecting you from others (and others from you). Also, a perfect cover-up to bedhead for the Zoom meeting you totally forgot about!

When this pandemic is over (and it will be over!) all of these customized items can go back and be used for what they were intended for – to show spirit, brand identity, and loyalty.