Promo Product Saves Game 1 of NBA Finals

Promo Product Saves Game 1 of NBA Finals

The NBA Finals kicked off last night, with the Miami Heat traveling to San Antonio to face the Spurs. The stage was set, a repeat match-up from last year where the Heat came out victorious over the Spurs in Game 7 to be crowned champion for the second straight year. With a three-peat in sight, they were ready to take the floor and defend their title.

Only a problem occurred in the first half that no one saw coming. The Heat couldn’t handle the heat.

The air conditioning broke early into the game, and temperatures began to rise fast. By the third quarter it was reported that temperatures were reaching the mid 80’s in the arena.

Players have Gatorade, Powerade, or whatever other sports drink they want on the sidelines.

But what were the fans to do?

It turns out they had something better. The FanFan.

Promo Product FanFan NBA Finals

The FanFan, a promotional product, was handed out to fans as a cheering accessory for the game. It acts as a banner, a clapper, and a fan (most notably in this situation).

The FanFan was used all night long by the fans to keep themselves cool and focused on the game, which resulted in a passionate crowd despite the sweltering heat.

As for the result of the game, apparently the kitchen was too hot because the Heat couldn’t handle the heat. LeBron James of Miami was sidelined with cramps, and the San Antonio Spurs closed the game on a 31-9 run for the win.