How BamBams Created an Environmentally Friendly Production Department

How BamBams Created an Environmentally Friendly Production Department

In a decision to provide a greater level of service to customers, BamBams decided to bring some production in-house to shorten turnaround times. Starting in January of 2016 we started production with two goals in mind for the new production facility. We wanted to get finished products to our distributors quicker and create a healthy environment for our employees. We already had the first goal figure out but had many options to complete their second goal.

Nick McCall brought us our solution to make BamBams a healthy production environment. McCall was our sales rep who sold us the supplies for in-house production. He knows a lot about what inks and production methods were the most environmentally friendly. He was able to walk us through the entire process of finding safe production products.
Here’s how we’ve implemented a safe production process.

1. We Don’t Use Inks that Contain Phthalate or PVC

Phthalates pronounced (Thal-ate), are used to stretch plastic and vinyl. Phthalate can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive systems in humans. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used in textile finishes. The Negative effects of PVC is it can disrupt hormones levels, cause asthma and other lung issues. Because of these risk is the reason why we don’t use products containing these harmful substances in our facility. We started out Phthalate-free from the beginning, most shops are either still transitioning to Phthalate-free inks, or have very recently moved over posing the problem of residual phthalates on tools or contained in the shop.

2. We Buy Our Ink from Environmentally Friendly Companies

We get our ink from Matsui and Wilflex. Matsui provides us with ink that is a water based PVC free ink. This we are not releasing any carcinogens into the air during production. Their inks are also Oeko Tex Grade 1 certified which is the highest possible grade. This grade is in compliance with skin contact garments such as swimwear, underwear, and infant clothing. Wilflex provides us with plastisol ink and has been eco passport certified. Being eco passport certified means that the inks don’t release anything that is harmful to humans or the environment when textiles are treated/finished with the ink.


NOVA Screen Printer

3. All the Chemicals in the Reclaim Process are 100% Biodegradable

In the reclaim process, where we wash the ink off the screens, all the ink and other solids are filtered off and do not go down the drains. Even if any of the ink did it is 100 percent biodegradable and will not put the environment at risk.

4. We Use an Efficient Dryer

Our dryer is efficient because it only turns on while items are passing through it. This allows us to save tremendously on electricity and reduces our carbon footprint. This also reduces cooling costs and allows for a more comfortable environment for our employees.


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