How Emotion Affects The Sales of Branded Merchandise

How Emotion Affects The Sales of Branded Merchandise

EMOTION [ih-moh-shuh n] a noun

“An affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.”

The word emotion speaks to that sacred place where few brands and marketers truly live, but all want to reside. In my opinion, it’s the single hardest thing to accomplish in marketing and advertising.

Just like in your personal relationships, touching on human emotions is the key to any happy, and healthy long term relationship. Relationship marketing or relationship selling is always an important part of every leader’s strategy; but how do you teach your sales team to do it? It is difficult to train because that comes from within; it’s less a taught skill and more instinctive.

Saul Colt, a brilliant marketer has a theory he calls “Laugh, Think, Cry.”  In short, he said there are no original ideas, but to take ideas that are already out there and enhance them with your own creativity; make people laugh, then make them think, then make them cry. They will never forget you. When we create marketing and advertising initiatives here at BamBams, we measure them against the “Laugh, Think, Cry” method. If they don’t match up, they aren’t published. I urge you to adopt this method. It absolutely creates emotion.

In the promotional products space, we often have a hard time showing ROI on promos and merchandise. This is where evoking emotion and relationship into the sales process becomes so vital. It also makes how well we consult our clients, and the relationships we have with them so important. If they trust us to provide them excellent merchandise and a unique branding experience, competing against digital marketing where an exact ROI is provided on every transaction becomes less important. The buying decision goes from being an ROI impact decision to one based on emotion and trust in us. Their merchandise provider, their advertising consultant, their trusted ally for their brand. We want to be their champion.

In conclusion, the value of branded merchandise is more important now, than it ever has been before. Look at how social media has allowed branded merchandise to give you a world of mouth opportunity to impact your brand, while at the same time, granting you the opportunity to differentiate your brand. A  regular post on social media won’t do anything for you, but a post that evokes emotion will get shares, will get follows and will drive clicks. When you put branded merchandise with it, that is how you create a robust and influential marketing campaign. To paraphrase Henrik Johannson, CEO of Boundless Networks, digital marketing changes fast, everyone will always wear t-shirts. It’s time to get creative and get emotional.

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