5 Reasons Why BamBams is Known for Great Customer Service

5 Reasons Why BamBams is Known for Great Customer Service

1. Our Leadership Comes From The Top Down and The Bottom Up

We have empowered our team to make decisions in all levels of our business, from the production department all the way to our senior management team. Along with creating open forums for discussion (like our book club), our team is encouraged to step up and be creative with problem-solving, asking why, and looking at innovative ways to create solutions for our business and our customers alike. Dan Taylor, our Founder and CEO, stays involved in everyone’s working life, pretty much day to day. Having discussions with everyone about what they’re working on and trying to find places where he can provide insight from his experience.

Dan explained, “Products That Excite” has been BamBams’ tagline for several years. We have focused on supplying products that are fun and engaging, eliciting a great experience at sporting events. This tagline has spilled over into our culture, where we have intentionally created a work environment that is fun and engaging. An environment where people want to come to work and feel part of the great things that are happening, including our new and exciting products, new technology and our expanding business. Engagement takes place as a result of regularly communicating the vision and the status of the company and inviting employees to contribute ideas, recommendations, and opinions. Team building events, such as the company bringing everyone to a Washington Nationals baseball game, participating in charity events, our book club, and potluck lunches also contribute to our family environment at the office.”

2. Winners of ASI’s Best Places to Work Year After Year

BamBams has been awarded by ASI Counselor ‘Best Places to Work” for 2016, 2015, 2014, as well as many years prior. This award is given out based off of an anonymous survey taken by the employees of ASI member organizations. Our leadership has strived from day one to create an environment that fosters growth, happiness, and innovation, all while having fun. This contributes to keeping our office an enjoyable and stress-free place, which results in better results for our customers. They say, happy wife, happy life; we say happy teams make for great customer service (ie: Zappos).


3. Monday Meetings, Book Club, and LeadershipWe discuss customer service, being a leader in our community and staff development.

Every Monday morning at 10:00 am, we gather for a team meeting about BamBams. Lead by our Founder and CEO, Dan Taylor, we go over anything from new promotional product trends, financials, marketing, leadership, and team development. Every Monday, Dan covers customer service, because that is what BamBams is all about. Since our infancy in the early 2000’s we have come a long way over the life the company by making customer service a driving factor in our company’s mission as well as our main core competency. This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Dan Taylor, our fearless leader, and driving innovative force behind our company.

The Monday morning meetings aren’t the only meetings we have. We meet for book club every other week and discuss the chapters we have read. The genres we read are books on leadership, marketing, sales, and customer service. Just like the genres, we want to grow ourselves and grow our company through team building. The most recent book we read together was The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan.

4. Delivering On Our Promises and Always Doing What We Say We WIll Do

“Deliver, deliver, deliver. If you say you’re going to do something for someone, you do it. No questions asked, no excuses and always be in constant communication with everyone in the process,” said Ben Taylor, our Director of Marketing. When saying that, he was regurgitating something his dad, Dan Taylor has told him and everyone else at BamBams since day one. It is a part of our ethos and a driving factor behind our passion for customer service.

5. Many Years of experience in Sourcing and Creating Custom Products.

Starting in 2003, our company founders went to China to set up an office, and a wholly owned trading company, with our own team of BamBams sourcing experts. Since the creation of that business, we have imported more than 10,000 custom orders! Stapling us as a leader in custom sourcing in our industry. This has allowed us to offer a custom sourcing program with extremely minimal risk while being able to deliver on our promises. You can learn more about our custom sourcing process by clicking the link below.

Click Here For Custom Sourcing Infographic